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Feb 21, 2019

Howdy Dungies! In this great episode, Audrey and Brandon give some advice on a GM possibly changing plans majorly mid-campaign, talk about some of our favorite beasties, and discuss running a rotating-gm evil campaign! 

Game Creation with Spring of Hope, Winter of Despair!

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Feb 14, 2019

In this brand new Dear Dungeon, Audrey and Brandon have a ton of fun discussing surprising someone by DMing for their birthday, running a clue/whodunnit session, giving magical pets to your party, and what to do if a friend missed the point of a class in Shadowrun! 

DUNGEONS, DRAGONS, AND DIVES with The Silver Bullet...

Feb 6, 2019

In this Episode of Dear Dungeon, Audrey and Brandon discuss running a desert survival dino hunting game, discuss writing a good story, and discuss making characters the other people at the table will enjoy!

Character Creation with Assley and Boomhauer. 

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